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Keeping up to date with new technologies, and with the best practices in the area of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) can be overwhelming and becomes time and energy invested outside the focus of your business.

At Uptel de México, thanks to our team of specialized engineers who are up-to-date with the latest market trends, we have the necessary experience to help you solve any challenge that may arise for your business in the ICT area.




Whether you have a medium or large data network, or are planning to implement it, we advise you so that you can develop and exploit it in the most optimal way, according to the needs and requirements of your particular line of business.

We cover the entire development of a project or implementation, allowing our clients to develop their network knowing perfectly the investment, risks, and benefits that they will obtain from the deployment of their network.

We know how important it is to have quality advice and good guidance because investments in IT are always considerable, so our work is always attached to honesty, clarity and transparency to offer you solutions that meet with your needs.



With the exponential growth that the Internet has had in recent years, it has become a core part of all business processes. This growth is normally accompanied by corrective or emergency actions that are not in line with the best practices of network operation, and that sooner or later end up impacting the operation of a network.

This inorganic growth also causes a lack of knowledge of the state of the current network, which makes it difficult to implement new technologies as well as manage and resolve problems. 


  • Detailed report of the current situation of the network

  • Report of risks that may compromise the continuity and availability of the business

  • Risk report regarding the integrity, confidentiality and reliability of the information

  • Report on opportunities to improve the cost/benefit ratio of the current infrastructure

  • Reliable and secure network architecture proposal.​



Wireless WLAN network solutions (better known as Wi-Fi, by its commercial name) are increasingly an integral part of business services due to their characteristics of ubiquity, quality of service and security.

However, in several cases these objectives are far from being achieved because the characteristics of the client's site are never the same and therefore it is necessary to evaluate a series of aspects that directly influence the service level of a solution of this type. .

Since each site requires case-specific design considerations, these should be evaluated whether it is a site for a new facility, evaluating opportunity areas for an existing facility, or simply proactively ensuring that service level is maintained in a facility, Uptel de México executes a process that consists of:

  • Identify the various components that are directly involved in the performance of a wireless solution both at the customer site and in solution design.

  • Analyze the application of the best market practices and manufacturer recommendations for the correct handling of various applications on it.

  • Recommend necessary improvements whether it is a new installation or to improve the performance of an existing solution.

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